Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Books no longer available

Due to the closing of Silver Publishing my books are no longer available. I am looking into other options so hopefully the will back soon with more coming.


  1. Kam,

    I hope you can publish more soon, I can't wait to read of Storm, Declan and all the characters out of "Liam's Happiness" and "Raven's Dream".

  2. I hope you find another publisher soon. I can't wait for more of the Portland pack!

  3. Lots of the authors with books orphaned by Silver have gone to Totally Bound, MLR Press or eXtasy. Have you tried any of them yet? I know a couple publishers offered make sure the books were looked at if you made sure to let them know they had been at Silver. Don't know which ones though.
    At least one author just self-pubbed their ex-Silver books and then continued the series that way.

  4. Any update on your publishing future Kam? We all wait with longing for more Portland Pack stories. Love those characters.